Coronavirus (Covid-19)

                                                                                We remain open.

                                                                 We are able to take new instructions.

For the safety of everyone until further notice all clients and potential visitors should contact us remotely by using either telephone, email ,fax,Skype,Zoom or Facetime and not attend in person at our office.

In order to stay in line with government guidance we will be seeking alternatives to actual meetings in person

with clients for the foreseeable future.However, there may be times when an actual meeting in person is unavoidable.We have carried out a Covid-19 Risk Assessment.In order to comply with social distancing guidelines  and to protect members of this firm and our clients we request that all parties attending at an actual meeting in person at our office adhere to this firm's Covid Meeting Protocol as set out on this page below.

The situation regarding  Coronavirus is constantly changing and we will therefore continue to keep matters under review.

                                                               We wish you all to stay safe and take care.


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Covid Meetings Protocol

o Our priority is the safety of our clients and members of this firm.
o Do not attend at our office unless by prior arrangement.
o Do not come to the meeting if you are feeling unwell are self-isolating or have been in contact with anyone who has been unwell in the last 14 days.
o You should bring and use your own pen.
o All parties at the meeting must wear a mask (please bring your own as we do not hold a supply).
o Please try to use your own transport rather than public transport when possible to reach our office.
o Please wash your hands before and after the meeting using hand sanitiser which will be provided (subject to supply being available otherwise please use soap and water).
o Do not shake hands.
o A Window will be kept open for ventilation.
o When possible use knuckles rather than fingers at contact points such as light switches , door handles and door bells.
o Stay 2m distance apart at all times and therefore the number of people attending will be kept to a minimum.
o The meeting time will be kept to a minimum.
o Contact Tracing: To stay in line with GDPR requirements we will aim to discuss this possibility with you prior to or at the meeting.
o You should check the Local COVID alert level in your area just prior to the meeting and inform us if you are no longer able to attend the meeting.
o Should the Local COVID alert level change in our area so as to prohibit the meeting taking place we will inform you a soon as we are able so please ensure you are contactable prior to the meeting .
o Should there be a National Covid lock down then the meeting is automatically cancelled.

If you require further clarification about this protocol prior to your actual meeting then please ring us .The situation regarding Coronavirus is constantly changing and we will therefore keep this protocol under review.

(Page updated 1st December   2020)